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Lin Morel, MA, DSS

  • Discovering the stillness in the middle of motion. Delighting in sharing that great secret in plain sight: that we are all born for success, joy, health, wealth, and happiness.
  • The experience that no matter how hard life can seem, there is always a bright side. Knowing that every trauma holds the seeds of triumph.
  • The experience of having risen above challenges that could have destroyed her.  Instead, she found inner strength, wisdom, and Source Energy.
  • The joy of sharing the keys to awakening self-awareness, loving compassion, and connection to the Source of All. We are all connected. We just need to remember that we are not alone.
  • Acting as way shower and mentor for those seeking freedom from life's traumas, celebrating the countless wins and triumphs of the human spirit.
  • Overflowing joy when witnessing the evolution of brilliance when the body, mind, and spirit align and life becomes a flow of upliftment, growth, and fulfillment.

In the beginning...

Lin Morel and Associates was born on the back of a Chinese placemat in Santa Barbara, CA in 1984. A new acquaintance asked,  "If you could do anything, what would you do?"  After a deer in the headlights moment, Dr. Lin responded, "I would be a stress management consultant."  "How," asked the woman?  "Using martial arts principles, I would help them find stillness and peace in the middle of their busy lives." Her lunch partner jotted down a few notes, folded the placemat, and handed it over.  The conversation was quickly forgotten. Lin arrived at LAX and settled in for the trip home.

Mid-flight, her seatmate asked, "What do you do?"  Without thinking, Lin replied, "I'm a stress management consultant.  I help people find the stillness in the midst of their busy lives."  "Do you have a card?"  "No, not with me."  "How much do you charge?" she asked. Gulp, a figure delivered. "Are you available on this date? I need a stress management program." Quick, silent calculation. I can get that day off work. "Yes, I believe I am." Handshakes to seal the deal. No letterhead, no cards, no business plan.  The willingness to do gave her the ability to do.

A longtime martial artist and AAU nationally ranked karate champion; Lin had just returned from the first US-China goodwill martial arts tour.  Her travels took her to the University of Beijing, where she studied tai chi and healing arts, followed by the Shaolin Temple, Guangzhou, and daily joint Chinese-American martial demonstrations in other cities. The tour then performed in Hong Kong and Taipei, Taiwan.

While in Taipei, a martial arts master told her,"You have the heart of a master. Come study with me."  She returned the following year for intensive study and the honing of her ability to see and read energy.  Much to her surprise, word of mouth spread to the locals about the American healer in Taipei. It was a magical time of touching lives that continues to this day.

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Activities & Affiliations

  • Evolutionary Business Council, Founding member
  • A Window Between Worlds, Board chair emeritus
  • Ài Do Kung Fu, Founder
  • Conscious Coach Training, Founder (by invitation only)
  • Task force participant in partnership with The Center for Collective Wisdom,Los Angeles, Trauma and Resiliency; A Systems Change Approach, 2017USC Veteran's Collaborative,
  • Veterans Advocacy Group of America (VAGA)       



  • Applied Psychology, MA , University of Santa Monica
  • Applied Theology, MA, Peace Theological Seminary
  • Spiritual Science, DSS, Peace Theological Seminary
  • Spiritual  Director, Christian Formation & Direction Ministries
  • Curriculum Vitae