life changing

accelerated energetic
transformational healing 

A revolutionary approach to transcending barriers and blocks to success, health, joy, and emotional intimacy.
Reach your full potential. Now.

Are you interested in clear and straightforward answers to what is holding you back?

Are you seeking a directed, accelerated release of these blocks? Then join the stellar group of leaders and clients who know that working with Dr. LIn has changed their lives; actualizing their dreams and potential without taking the often painful journey of traditional therapy.

Dr. Lin is a masterful healer, 5th-degree black belt, and intuitive with decades as a successful entrepreneur. Dr. Lin opens a direct path for clearing by seeing and accessing information about your blocks and barriers from your energetic field. Often multi-generational, these hindrances are compassionately and skillfully transformed into greater wisdom and released through a revolutionary process of awareness and transformation. 

In person, on the phone or via the web, Dr. Lin can dialogue with you and your deepest self to find and forgive these disruptions to you potential best life.

These transformations are often  instantaneous.

Meeting and being with an energetic, clear, and conscious specialist can restore and propel you forward toward all your goals. 

Dr. Lin's experience is that you do not need to suffer to release pain; to remove blocks, to live your best life.

Isn't it time to let go - without reliving your past or carrying your unresolved challenges into the future?

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Change is inevitable. How we embrace it determines our contraction or expansion.
— Lin Morel