step forward


Vehicles of Delivery

One-On-One collaboration

This premier service is for those who have achieved success and looking for greater mastery and expansion. During our work together, off-balanced areas or aspects of life are examined.  This is your life and the gift you give yourself is greater authentic expression, increased creativity, enhanced relationships, increased wealth, health and happiness. You'll discover the power of "This or something better" as you create the life you are meant to live. 

by design

These are customized by request. Engage your employees, your family or your friends in a journey to greater awareness, fulfillment and joy, combined with goal setting and masterful action plans. The power of the group is exponential toward greater connection, communication skills, and powerful ownership of life. Modified based on setting and needs.

WORLD class Speaker

Groups have power, and the speaker sets the tone and energy for great outcomes. Set your meeting up for success with an advant-garde, entertaining and actionable presentation.  Guaranteed no one will fall asleep! In the end, the results are uniquely personal to the attendees, and translate into greater openness, willingness and ability to grow personally and professional.

the quantum leap

A powerful one-on-one experience with Dr. Lin near the beach in Marina del Rey, CA. This single or multiple day long time together will clarify and transform hidden obstacles into powerful insight and momentum. Transparency, safety and privacy allows for maximum alignment, attunement and articulation of your next steps. Release the barriers that are holding you back in a simple, algorithmic fashion that clears the way for lift-off.

Corporate 911's & Crisis Interventions

There are times when crisis strikes.  The 911 creates opening to new outcomes, releases fear and opens up the best possible outcomes. New eyes bring new perspectives and levels of success. There is always a way around obstacles. Lift yourself and your team to find win-win solutions that are effective, efficient and bring new growth. Use everything to propel you forward, including unexpected resistances.

"Relaxation is who you are. Tension is who you think you should be."  Chinese proverb


What you can expect

A holistic, straightforward strategy that encompasses body, mind, heart, and soul.  We are energetic beings given the gift of breath that sustains and supports us.  When the body, mind, and spirit are aligned, life becomes an adventure; a journey where you get to direct the trajectory of your life. You get to relax into the journey and experience greater peace in the midst of upsets.

Mystics across all cultures have tapped into this Energy.  Genius's tap into it.  This Energy connects us to one another and our world.  The journey toward mastery, excellence, and expansion is one of the most joyful, awe inspiring, hold onto your hat, let go of your hat, experiences available to a human being. 

We are wired to forget who we are and what we are capable of achieving. Becoming a conscious creator and partner with that Source of all Energy is one of the greatest gifts available to those who plug in and connect.

Like all great endeavors, there is a beginning, start, middle, and finish.  This cycle repeats itself in multiple ways.  What you will receive is the benefit of a fellow explorer who can point you in a direction that results in a fabulous, fulfilled and functional life; where you get to win in your fantasies and dreams, and better than you can imagine!

In practical terms, you will discover a competitive advantage that will deliver cutting-edge solutions in the midst of life's challenges.  Challenges are here to strengthen and support us.  The solutions lie in knowing how to harness and maintain that connection to your own Source Energy.