By Design

by design

It began with "The Group"

In response to her client's requests, Dr. Lin began masterminds and themed retreat experiences on her 66-acre center, where individuals and organizations brought their dreams, hopes, doubts, and fears. Together they created a safe place where magic could happen.

"I came through disaster, and that disaster was my life. I jumped off the fence of indecision. The group's support was most reassuring."  Tom F.

"Lin took my life off hold. She assisted (some might say insisted) that I look at issues that had me going in circles. Even worse, I'd given up on them.  It was painful, and I couldn't do it alone. The group setting was a safe place to become vulnerable and honest with me." Mark S.

"The group touches a spark inside. It helps me to grow, to learn about what is important and has completely changed my life." A direct result is a better rapport with my students, manifesting a better job, and a better relationship. Things flow more easily for me. When they don't, I handle it better.  This group experience is a place where friends become family of choice." Marilyn L, NJ

If you want a place to spread your wings, strengthen your wisdom and courage and develop new strategies for success, then a "by design" retreat may be the turbo-charge you need. Clients come from around the world to work individually or with loved ones, employees, or friends, both old and new.

Dr. Lin holds a safe container where confidentiality, mutual respect, and honoring are givens. Communication and confidence skill building, teamwork, relaxation, and renewal are only a few of the by-products of spending time and participating together in the feast of possibilities.

Event Cost and duration:  To be negotiated, per client needs and requirements. Location, lodging, and meals are the responsibility of the participants or organization.

At the client's request, co-facilitators in multiple modalities may be on site to further enhance the retreat experience and transformation.