Copy of 911's and Crisis Interventions


When the sh** hits the fan

When you're up against the wall and can't seem to find anything that works, it may be time for a 911. They are unique to the situation and requirements of the individual or organization:

  • Anticipated purchase of a million dollar 40-chair dental practice was arbitrarily cancelled after a five year apprenticeship was fulfilled by the buyer.  The 911 consultation resulted in a better than imagined win-win solution within 48 hours.
  • Post Production house was the third in a row unable to successfully edit a movie to completion. A site visit, session with the editor, and manager uncovered and released the energetic block. Within 24 hours the project was in full swing and back on track.
  • The president of a well known corporation was called to testify before congress to defend their organization with regard to deregulation.  After a strategy planning call, the CEO was able to clarify, articulate and solidify their position.
  • The sudden death of a fortune 500 divisional CEO had severely impacted senior management, crippling their ability to function effectively. Executives were able to process their personal and professional upset at losing a beloved and crucial colleague and friend. They regrouped in time to make a division wide decision impacting the entire company and its future.   A second module was given for middle management executives to help them effectively deal with a company wide crisis.